Detector Pump Down Service

We have full capability to re-establish ice free dewar vacuum for liquid nitrogen cooled detectors using proprietary temperature elevation techniques. We offer prompt service at the lowest price. Our normal turn around time is three to four business days versus the two or three weeks for the competition.

Symptoms of insufficient vacuum include:

  • Detector may not hold liquid nitrogen as long as it should.
  • Water and ice condense on detector shortly after filling with liquid nitrogen. The dewar may turn white with frost.
  • Broad band spectral feature centered at about 3300 cm-1. This is the most objective test. Collect a single beam immediately after cooling the detector. Collect another single beam 30 minutes later. Ratio the new single beam to the old single beam. An inverted “mountain” at 3300 cm-1 is ice forming over the detector element.

If any of these conditions exist, please give us a call. We stock new detector windows and supplies to assure quick turn around.