1996  With years of experience in analytical instrumentation, we decided it was time to venture out on our own. The analytical instrument market was going through drastic changes. We had spent 13 years designing electronics, mechanicals, and optics, as well as providing exemplary customer service. The restructuring, mergers, buyouts, and acquisitions surrounding us were making it difficult to remember the name of our current “employer entity”. More importantly, as a group that had been dedicated to a high level of personalized service, we saw how detrimental all these changes were for our customers.

After much contemplation, we took our vast expertise in serving the analytical instrument market to a very welcoming group of our past customers in the Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy market. Our intial offerings included field service for repairs, as well as sampling accessories, customized hardware and software, instrument sales, and application development.

2000  We expanded into our newly purchased building.

2006  A simple knock on the door took us to an unexpected area. A respected coffee aficionado asked if we could analyze some coffee. What he told us spurred us on to develop a line of quality control instruments for the coffee roasting industry.

2008  We’re very excited to move to our new office condo! We completed our move on March 21, 2008. While our old building proved to be a great investment, we are thrilled to be in a shiny new building, built to our specifications.

2021  We celebrated our 25th year in business!  We continue to support FTIR customers world wide, have added the Arcoptix FTIR product line, and are still growing the JAVALYTICS Coffee Analyzer business.

Future Keep watching as we continue to grow and prosper! Who knows what we will be doing next?!